Geza Schön and Feminista

When propositioned to collaborate with Feminista and capture the smell of intersectional feminism, Geza Schön was immediately on board. He saw a potential that was hidden even to us when we came up with the idea. Schön said: “It has been years since someone has come up with a truly unique concept for perfume in the industry. All the perfumes that are new on the market year after year, bore me. The idea of Feminista was as much promising as challenging, because never in history has a perfume been created as a political statement, with a strong backstory and a clear mission to become a Change Agent.” Schön took the cooperation seriously. Every ingredient that went into the scent speaks of feminist history and future, ensuring that it is as polarizing as it is comforting at times.

Perfumer Geza Schön has the reputation as a rebel in the fragrance world. In 2001, disillusioned with the industry’s increasing commercialization, he resigned from his job at fragrance manufacturers, H & R in Paris and moved to London. There he met designers Brian Kirkby and Zowie Broach of Boudicca and worked with them for several years to create their fiercely individual scent; Wode.

It was in London, in 2006, that he launched Escentric Molecules. Often described as the ‘anti-fragrance fragrance brand’. Throughout his career, Schön has collaborated on conceptual projects such as Paper Passion, a fragrance with Steidl, Wallpaper* and Karl Lagerfeld. Geza also worked with artists such as Wolfgang Georgsdorf, for whom he made 64 odors for Smeller, an olfactory organ that spectators can play like a piano to make aromascapes.